Kayak carriers


  • Easily load and unload kayaks and boards at waist level at the side of the vehicle with the easy to use slide and tilt mechanism
  • 36 kg boat and board capacity easily handles a large kayak or two boards
  • Universal mounting hardware fits most roof racks
  • Lightweight materials and construction don’t eat up roof’s carrying capacity
  • Folds down flat to reduce drag and noise when not in use
  • Tilts down a lengthy 66 cm from roof rack height
  • Provides 30-45% weight assistance (depending on boat width)
  • Felt-covered cradles flex to conform to hull for secure transport
  • All tie-down straps included
  • SKS Lock Cores for added security (sold separately)


  • Includes everything needed to carry up to 2 SUPs
  • Premium, sleek glossy black finish compliments modern vehicle types
  • Slider adjusts to boards up to 92 cm wide
  • Fits round, factory, aero and square bars
  • Not suitable for square bars with a depth exceeding 38 mm
  • Soft padding cradles and protects boards
  • Maximum load capacity: 60 Kg
  • SKS Locks included; locks racks and board


  • Universal design attaches to round, square, aerodynamic and factory bars with a single tightening knob
  • Includes everything needed for a single canoe
  • Durable over-molded rubber cushions the canoe gunwale while providing stability
  • Simple, tool-fee installation and assembly within minutes of opening the box
  • Rubber padding protects your crossbars from damage or corrosion

J-Cradle kayak carrier

It exquisitely integrates into your car’s design while conserving valuable space atop your crossbars by securely carrying boats vertically.

  • SmartLoad slide-out arms for easier loading and unloading.
  • Premium elastomer padding cushions and protects boat
  • QuickDock technology enables the easiest on/off of any mount in the market, without tools
  • Includes Integrated Lock System (ILS), premium tie-down straps, and bow & stern tie-down ropes with ratcheting pulleys
  • Includes adapter for use on round & square crossbars
  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ crossbars, check at whispbar.com/quickdock
  • Carries a boat up to 36 kg
YWB400 J-Cradle kayak carrierView details
J-Cradle kayak carrier


  • Holds up to 3 boards, piggy-back style
  • Includes a pair of lockable 3.7 m steel-reinforced Yakima Ripcord straps with SKS lock cores
  • Includes a pair of 41 cm wide EVA-molded Yakima Soulpads for a cushy ride
  • Includes S.U.P. Brah nose/tail tie-down for added board stability on the highway
  • Rubber covered buckles for vehicle and board protection
  • Fits round, square, and most factory crossbars right out of the box

Showboat 66

Slide-out roller system assists in loading boats onto vehicle.

  • Padded roller extends up to 86.4 cm from rear crossbar
  • Roller slides from side to side to allow loading of multiple boats
  • Mounts directly to round, square, and many factory crossbars
  • Special fasteners provide passive security. Tool for assembly and adjustment provided.
  • Can be mounted under crossbars for canoe loading (to provide clearance for gunwale brackets)
  • Canoe loading not permitted on factory crossbars
  • Stainless steel and brass hardware for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Fits Whispbar, Square Bars, Aero Bars and most Factory Bars.
Showboat 66

Showboat66 quick release lever set

Quick release for ShowBoat 66, art. Y8004068. Includes 2 cam levers and 2 set screws.

Y8860058 Showboat66 quick release lever setView details
Showboat66 quick release lever set

Jaylow Tuv

  • Carry 1 boat in J-Cradle position or 2 boats in vertical, stacker position
  • Fully assembled right out-of-the-box
  • Tool free install to round, square, factory and aerodynamic bars
  • Adjust the upright position with the easy to use integrated cam lever
  • Easy boat loading with the integrated ramp
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Includes Heavy-Duty Straps and Bow/stern Tie-Downs
  • Compatible with SKS locking system
Jaylow Tuv

Sweetroll Tuv

  • Complete system that includes rear saddles with integrated rollers for easy loading
  • Fully assembled right out-of-the-box
  • Tool free install to round, square, factory and aerodynamic bars
  • Spring-loaded base automatically adjusts to boat when loading
  • Smooth molded pad hugs and protects multiple boat types
  • Tilting paddle technology to accommodate an array of boats and roof rack systems
  • Includes Heavy-Duty Straps and Bow/Stern Tie-Downs
  • Compatible with SKS locking system
Sweetroll Tuv

Bow/stern tie downs

  • Secures the bow and stern of any boat
  • Easy-to-use ratchet pulley
  • Market leading corrosion resistance
  • Clear plastic tubes protect your vehicle from damage
  • Also great for non-nautical loads, like ladders and lumber
Y8004031 Bow/stern tie downsView details
Bow/stern tie downs

Anchor Ties

Comes with two nylon webbing straps that can be mounted directly to the vehicle, inside the hood.
Create up to two mounting points for Bow/Stern tie-downs on virtually any vehicle. Includes two nylon webbing straps that can mounted directly to the vehicle, inside the hood.
Length: 17.8 cm

Anchor Ties


  • They come in pairs, with SKS locks included
  • Rubber-covered buckles for vehicle and cargo protection
  • Nylon-coated steel cable with aluminum cam buckle for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Our RipCord is sold separately or included as a component of the WaveHog
  • 3.7 m in length
  • that be enough to cover 50 boards, but we only recommend that you carry 3 at any time!
  • Locking multi-purpose cargo straps are dynamite for locking surfboards, boats, bikes, motorcycles, trailers, ladders, you name it.

Boat Strap Kit

Includes two cam buckle straps, two bow/stern tie-down straps with plastic bumper guards, and two steel s-hooks.
Tie-down strap for safely securing the bow and stern of any boat. Includes:
2 x Cam-buckle straps. 4.9 m length.
2 x Bow-stern tie-down with plastic bumper guards
2 x Steel S-hooks

Boat Strap Kit

S.U.P Tailgate Pad

  • Load your board or boat hassle free on your tailgate
  • Long nylon straps will accommodate both board and boat
  • Strap includes SupSnap™ fastener for a secure ride
  • Heavy-duty ballistic nylon construction
Y8004072 S.U.P Tailgate PadView details
S.U.P Tailgate Pad

Heavy Duty Straps

  • Soft rubber buckle cover protects boat and vehicle from scratches
  • Straps can be cut to length if required
  • Box-stitched polypropylene webbing is super strong
  • Sold in pairs of 4.9 m straps
Y8005006 Heavy Duty StrapsView details
Heavy Duty Straps

Sks Cable, 270 cm

More than just a visual deterrent, these cables will lock anything to your bars.
SKS Lock Cores sold separately so you can match the lock to your existing SKS locking system.

Y8007233 Sks Cable, 270 cmView details
Sks Cable, 270 cm

SKS Lockup cable, 300 cm

SKS Lock Cores included

Y8007238 SKS Lockup cable, 300 cmView details
SKS Lockup cable, 300 cm

Aero Crossbar Pads

  • Foam padding protects boards and boats from damage during trasport.
  • Anti-slip material helps keep your gear in place.
  • Sectioned hook and loop attachments fit easily around any roof bars: square, oval, rectangular and most aerodynamics crossbars
Y8007412 Aero Crossbar Pads - 50 cmView details
Y8007413 Aero Crossbar Pads - 75 cmView details
Aero Crossbar Pads